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Taste, Experience and Learn 

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Through food;

we can taste and experience culture

 we gain a deeper understanding of the importance it plays in preserving Aboriginal culture and tradition here in Australia. 

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The South Coast of NSW has over 60,000 years of Aboriginal history and is the lands of Yuin people who continue the cultural responsibility of caring for Country and community. In season 1 of Destination Dessert we meet the team at Djiriba Waagura who  aim to revitalise and strengthen Aboriginal Culture on the NSW South Coast and beyond by providing captivating cultural experiences that inspire connectedness, empower local communities and foster both educational and personal growth. 



Meaning Two Crows in Dhurga Language

of the Yuin Nation, Djiriba Waagura was founded  by Matt Simms and Nigel Millgate. 

They believe having a strong connection to cultural identity lays solid foundations for people, empowering and improving our health and wellbeing. Their mission is to build strong communities by nurturing connections to Country and building long term healthy and sustainable relationships.

Come and experience the true beauty of the Shoalhaven area on the NSW South Coast, with its picturesque sandstone caves with ancient rock-art, an abundance of bush foods and wildlife to see and visit some of the worlds most desired and beautiful beaches.

Djiriba Waagura provide a range of captivating visitor experiences on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.


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